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Mike Cave “Acoustic/Band Showreel”

A Selection of Mike’s Recent Projects:
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James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had A Boat (add prod, mix, mastered) EMI/Believe Thea Gilmore - This Town (co-prod, rec, mix, mastered) Universal Fullfill Noisettes - Contact (add prod/rec, mix) Absolute/Mono-Ra-Rama John Martyn - My Creator ROX - Heart Ran Dry (mix, mastered) Rough Trade Alana Levandoski - Crashed Car Morning Star Thea Gilmore - Coffee And Roses (co-prod, rec, mix, mastered) Universal Fullfill The Coral - Calendars & Clocks James Vincent McMorrow - This Old Dark Machine (add prod, mix, mastered) EMI/Believe Bicycle Thieves - Stop To Start (prod, rec, mix, mastered) Polydor/Loog