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The Loft Studios

In 2002 Mike found himself in need of his own studio, to house his growing collection of equipment and to provide a place where he could finish projects to mix stage. As a freelance mixer/producer Mike had worked in a wide variety of commercial studios, and understands what makes a successful facility.

Mike’s vision became a reality with the opening of The Loft Studios, based in central Liverpool and housed in a large, converted Manhattan-style loft. The studios offer masses of natural daylight and plenty of open space. “Thereʼs a relaxed atmosphere here that helps everyone feel at home, and infinitely more creative,” he says.

The Loft features an array of high end equipment, ranging from some of the best vintage analogue gear to the most powerful digital mixing system available – the Avid ICON D-Control large format console, alongside Pro Tools HDX. This combination of analogue and digital equipment provides the best of both worlds, and the live rooms offer stunning natural acoustics.

The studio also has an impressive collection of vintage synths, guitars, electric pianos, Leslie rotary speakers, drums & percussion.

“Owning my own studio is an essential part of success for me as a mixer/producer in today’s market – I can deliver all the quality and creativity of a world class studio within a realistic budget.”

Loft Mastering

Mike also runs his own professional independent high end mastering facility – recent mastering clients include Universal, Sony/BMG, Island Records, EMI, & Polydor (artists – Elvis Costello, James Vincent McMorrow, Yuksek, Sandy Denny, Enrique Iglesias, The Charlatans)



The Loft Studio – Equipment List

Avid/Digidesign ICON D-Control console
Neve 33115 vintage sidecar console
Pro Tools 12 HDX
3 x AVID HD i/o (32 analogue i/o)
Cranesong HEDD AD/DA convertors / tape simulation
Apple Mac Pro 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon / 26GB RAM / OS X Lion
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad DSP Card
Sonic Soundblade mastering system
Digidesign MIDI i/o interface
3 x ViewSonic 24″ Display

Barefoot MicroMain27 Gen2 3.5 way main monitoring
Yamaha NS10 (Quad 520) / Avantone Active Cubes / TEAC SL-D90 nearfield monitoring
Fully air conditioned control room with plenty of natural daylight
Two separate recording areas, largest suitable for up to 16 piece string section / 30 piece choir
Private lounge/kitchen/toilet
Tascam DA-30/DA-20 DAT machines
Akai/Tascam/Marantz CD players
2 x Technics 1210 turntables with Gemini Platinum mixer
DeLonghi Magnifica espresso coffee machine!


Bantam Patchbay (192 way fully comprehensive)
8 x Neve 33115 mic/line amp & EQ
2 x DW Fearn VT-2 vacuum tube mic amp
4 x API 512c mic amp
4 x DAV Broadhurst Gdns No2 mic amp
2 x Crookwood Paintpot mic amp

Avalon 747SP tube compressor/EQ
Focusrite ISA220 Session Pack mic amp/EQ/comp
Focusrite Green mic amp/EQ
4 x TL Audio PA5001 valve mic amp
Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering
Rupert Neve 5042 stereo tape emulator
Manley Vari-Mu stereo mastering compressor
SSL G-Series stereo mix buss compressor
Ridge Farm Boiler stereo compressor
SPL Transient Designer dynamic effect processor
BSS DPR901 Dynamic Equaliser
Marshall JMP1 valve preamp
Lexicon MPX1 multiple processor FX
2 x BOSS GX700 guitar effects processor
EMU E4 Sampler (16 output)


2 x Neumann KM84i
2 x AKG 414
1 x Peluso 2247LE valve
2 x Royer Labs R121 ribbon
1 x SE Electronics Gemini 2 dual valve
3 x SE Electronics SE5600 valve
2 x SE Electronics SE3600
2 x SE Electronics SE4400
2 x SE Electronics Titan
4 x Shure SM57
1 x Custom Subkick cone speaker mic
2 x PZM
1 x SE Electronics Reflection Filter (full size)

Additional Plug-Ins:

A10/A12 Series EQ (URS)
API 550A/550B/560 (Waves)
AutoTune EVO (Antares)
Channel G (McDSP)
Drumagog 5 (Wavemachine Labs)
Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v2 (Pro Audio DSP)
Maag EQ4 (Plugin Alliance)
Eleven (Digidesign)
Fairchild 660/670 (Bombfactory)
Guitar Rig 5 (Native Instruments)
H3000 Factory (Eventide)
HEAT (Avid)
Impact (Avid)
Joe Meek SC2 comp (Bombfactory)
Joe Meek VC5 EQ (Bombfactory)
Maxim (Avid)
Moogerfooger Analog Delay (Bombfactory)
Moogerfooger Low Pass (Bombfactory)
Moogerfooger Phaser (Bombfactory)
Moogerfooger Ring Mod (Bombfactory)
Oxford EQ (Sonnox)
Oxford Inflator (Sonnox)
Oxford Supresser (Sonnox)
Oxford Fraunhofer Pro-Codec (Sonnox)
Pitch’nTime Pro (Serato)
Phoenix (Cranesong)
Pro Tools 10 Digirack/Air bundle (Avid)
Pultec EQ Bundle (Bombfactory)
Q10 Paragraphic EQ (Waves)
Revibe (Avid)
Reverb One (Avid)
Revoice Pro (Synchro Arts)
Slightly Rude Compressor (Bombfactory)
Smack (Avid)
SSL E/G series Channel (Waves)
SSL E series EQ (Waves)
SSL G Series Buss Compressor (Waves)
UAD Harrison 32C EQ
UAD Ampex ATR102
UAD Studer A800
UAD Pultec Pro
UAD Precision Enhancer
UAD EMT140 plate reverb
UAD Little Labs VOG
UAD 1176 LN/SE
UAD RealVerb
UAD Transient Designer
UAD Precision Enhancer kHz
Ultra Pitch (Waves)
Vintage Warmer 2 (PSP)
Vocalign Pro (Synchro Arts)
Voce Chorus Vibrato Spin ((Bombfactory)
Vinyl (Izotope)
V Series V-EQ3 V-EQ4 V-Comp bundle (Waves)

Virtual Instruments:

B4 organ (Native Instruments)
Boom drum machine (Avid)
DB33 organ (Avid)
Ivory Grand Pianos (Synthogy)
Mini Grand piano (Avid)
Structure (Avid)
Synchronic (Avid)
Vacuum Analogue (Avid)
X-Pand 2 (Avid)
Stylus (Spectrasonics)

Musical Instruments:

Vintage Gibson 335 electric guitar
Vintage Gibson Les Paul Deluxe electric guitar
Gibson J45 acoustic guitar
Fender Precision bass guitar
Fender Rhodes MK1 stage piano
Wurlitzer EP200 electric piano
Sequential Circuits Pro-1 analogue synth
StudioLogic SL880 weighted midi keyboard
Leslie 710 rotary speaker
Various Drums & Percussion